Why Precision Teaching?

Precision Teaching is a system for collecting and analyzing data in order to evaluate the effectiveness of a curriculum.  Frequency data is collected for all target behaviours (frequency is defined as the average number of responses per minute) and is recorded on a Standard Celeration Chart (SCC).  Measuring frequencies, and recording data on the SCC, allows us to make the best possible data-based decisions for your child.  Recording frequency data on the SCC has many advantages, it allows us to analyze data to determine if:

  • If your child is able to complete tasks as fast as typically developing individuals
  • If your child’s curriculum is designed effectively, or if program changes need to be made
  • If your child is learning how to learn
  • If your child is retaining the skills being learned
  • If your child can endure when more time needs to be spent on a skill
  • If your child can apply the skills he/she is learning to new situations/materials
  • If your child can work in the face of distracting environments such as a busy classroom

Analysis of a child’s fluency is done through the use of Precision Teaching methodologies.  

If you have any questions about how Precision Teaching is applied in an ABA program, please feel free to contact us.